Dunlop Precision Ultimate

Dunlop Precision Ultimate

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Dunlop Precision Ultimate

The Dunlop Precision Ultimate Squash Racket is the latest edition of this long-running, very popular racket. The more traditional Dunlop head shape is back in the Precision version.

The Ultimate offers excellent control and forgiveness. Its 500 cm2 head provides a large sweet spot. The 16x19 string pattern is quite dense and offers excellent control, even with its very large headstock.

Weight stays the same at 132 grams and Dunlop lists it as a headlamp racket, but while it's more head light than the Elite, it feels a bit headheavy overall. The Ultimate, although it has a large 500cm square head, has been designed with control in mind, largely due to its 16 x 19 dense string pattern. The Ultimate was the model Amr Shabana used when he played with Dunlop.

For the players who love that traditional soft "Dunlop Feel" and want a forgiving racket that offers excellent control, the Dunlop Precision is made for you!


Recreational, Advanced


Bridge/ Closed throat




Head Light



Sheet size


String pattern