About Squamata


Squash is not just about hitting a ball. Not so long ago, squash was still a fairly unknown sport. In recent years, this intensive sport has become one of the most favorite leisure activities of hundreds of thousands of Dutch people. It is a sport for modern people and fits perfectly into the current era: intensive exercise and a short time, it is easy to learn and you can play it at any time of the day. In addition, squash has a high “fun” content, regardless of the level of play. It is therefore not for nothing that squash has been declared the healthiest sport in the world by Forbes Magazine for several years now. The most important condition for getting and staying fit is that sports should also be fun. I offer this by providing training, coaching and facilitating competitions.

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The trainer:

My name is Braihim Patje. After a number of years of playing squash fanatically myself, coaching and training squash players increasingly came to my mind. This resulted in me being the squash trainer of Sportcentrum De Hullen in Roden since 2012 and the squash trainer of Pand 17 in Assen since 2016. I can also be found as a trainer at the Stadjershal in Groningen and Fitsports Emmen.

I am now a certified WSF (World Squash Federation) squash trainer. And I have been giving squash training full of energy to all levels for years. I train you on a technical, physical and mental level.

I love to convey my enthusiasm, joy of playing, fanaticism and drive, in order to achieve a higher goal together in this way.“See you on court 1..”


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The most common symptoms of the virus are: urge to belong, urge to be in constant contact with each other in the digital world, listlessness, looking for fun and new things and the desire to stay fit. People are consciously or unconsciously looking for a means to fight the virus and this means is there, namely Padel! According to the figures of the international Padel Federation, 78 countries, 35 national federations and more than 12 million people are currently experiencing the drug.

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Squamata literally stands for scale reptiles (Squamata), they form an order of the class reptiles (source Wikipedia). I have a thing for those cute animals. Likewise with squash. And a name was born.